$1B Dark Money Exposed


(TheProudRepublic.com) – Channeling significant amounts of money into various progressive causes across the United States, a prominent leftwing dark money network managed by Arabella Advisors garnered over $1 billion in funds in 2022.

Arabella Advisors, headed by Eric Kessler, a former member of the Clinton administration, oversees five nonprofit organizations: the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the New Venture Fund, the Windward Fund, the Hopewell Fund, and the North Fund.

In 2022, this network amassed $1.3 billion in revenue, supporting liberal initiatives, including climate lawsuits, pro-abortion efforts, and election-related activities.

The network’s involvement was particularly notable in the 2022 midterm elections. Arabella-managed nonprofits invested over $62 million in voter registration and mobilization initiatives.

Although these efforts are allegedly presented as nonpartisan, criticism suggests they predominantly benefit the Democratic Party. Parker Thayer from the Capital Research Center expressed concerns about these voter registration nonprofits being a covert means of partisan campaigning for Democrats, offering anonymity and tax benefits to donors.

One notable recipient of Arabella’s funding was the Voter Registration Project, which received $8.5 million from the New Venture Fund. This organization focuses on mobilizing voter groups that generally lean left, such as African-American, Latino, Native American, and low-income communities.

Arabella’s network heavily funded voter mobilization efforts in key battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. In Michigan, Arabella-affiliated nonprofits allocated $30.1 million to progressive groups, significantly influencing policy and elections. This included support for ballot referenda on abortion rights and voting laws, with Arabella-managed groups contributing $18.4 million.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund also directed substantial funding toward groups advocating for the election of Democrats in Michigan. The outcome of the 2022 elections in Michigan saw the passage of both referenda and a shift in state legislative control to the Democrats. Michigan Republican Rep. Tim Walberg criticized the Arabella network for tipping the political scales in the state.

Arabella’s influence extended beyond electoral politics, notably in environmental policy. For example, the New Venture Fund transferred $2.5 million to Sher Edling, a law firm that collaborates with Democrat-led cities and states in lawsuits against major energy companies. Tom Pyle of the Institute for Energy Research critiqued this as evidence of the green movement being politically aligned with the Democratic Party.

The nonprofits under Arabella touted their influence in policy and elections in 2022. The New Venture Fund highlighted its significant contributions to civil rights, social action, environmental, and foreign affairs programs. At the same time, Amy Kurtz of the Sixteen Thirty Fund emphasized their support for embedding abortion rights in Ohio’s constitution and electing Democrats nationwide.